It was Christmas in 2013 when I was on the phone with my partner explaining how I found the most amazing blog by a Canadian who retired at age thirty. All I could hear on the other end was, "I'm all in." And that was it. We were on the road to early retirement and our off the grid adventure.

Our Story

One thing we already knew we wanted to do was to live on an acreage and have an off-the-grid life and lifestyle, but we didn't realise that it was achievable. Once we had a plan in place to "retire early", which we aren't technically going to do it would be more of a "farm life/lifestyle", all we had left to do was find a place and then save save save. And that's really it. We used to live in Northern Alberta and both work in the oil and gas industry and where we worked away at this scheme for a few years. 

This will be a place where we will share our plans on how we made this dream happen, how we prepared for our homesteading journey, and then will also share the joys of the actual homesteading life now that we are here.


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