When visiting Wells Gray Park, you can now stay at a campground that offers privacy, large spaces for individuals or groups, and a real rustic experience. From each campsite, campers can hike to the North Thompson River or along the trails to explore our eighty acre river front property. We have few campsites so that there are few people around, and it is a quieter experience for our guests.

Campsite 1

Campsite 1

This is our largest campsite nestled in the woods that can fit a large motor home or camper or multiple tents. Tucked away, so that groups that enjoy some privacy and enjoy hiding away in nature.

campsite 2.JPG

Campsite 2

We call this Saskatoon Berry Alley because the site is full of Saskatoon bushes brimming with berries and some blueberry bushes too. This spot is great for one or two tents and is slightly hidden from the road.

campsite 3

Campsite 3

This pull-through campsite can fit a couple of tents or a motorhome or camper and offers privacy from the main road with beautiful trees surrounding the site.

You can camp here.

You can camp here.

Campsite 5, 6, 7, 9, 9, 10...

Go off the beaten path, and camp at endless locations along the river. These sites are hike in only, and guests will need to park their vehicle and hike in and pick their perfect spot. With no one around, you can enjoy a mini river front beach in absolute privacy; your own perfect getaway.


All of our campsites are rustic without power or water. A true nature experience. 


DRINKING WATER: Campers must bring their own drinking water. We do not have any drinking water on site. 

SHOWERS/BATHING: We do not have any showers on site. I said it was rustic.


We offer outdoor outhouses that are not enclosed, but are tucked away from the site so they are private. These are rustic, we weren't kidding about the "rustic" campsites.


When you reserve, ask if there is firewood available on your site. Some sites have more then others. 


All sites have room to park your vehicle or camper.


These sites are truly in the forest and bears, coyotes, and other animals are in the area. Food must be locked up in vehicles, trailers, campers, or bear bins at night. Food cannot be left out or kept in tent. Please read more about this for guidelines on safe camping practices.


We are also located near the Canadian National Railway, so campers will hear the train when it passes. And, although most campsites are tucked in from the trees, if campers are close by, please keep noise levels to a respectable level. 


Pets are allowed and must be kept on leash at all times, no exceptions. Any violators will be asked to leave immediately. 


If you are booking a site for a party, let us know in advance in case it affects other campers close by. It might be cool, or it might not be a great time if a family is camping in a site further down.


We have several trails and a mile of river front for hiking. 


Due to be surrounded by wildlife, it is important that garbage is picked up and not left on site. Garbage in is garbage out, right?