How to make the perfect cuppa

In the UK, if they ask you if you would like a 'cuppa', they are asking you if you would like a cup o' tea. The good kind. I know this, because after a recent visit to the UK I had the best cuppa. And I am not talking about a Timmie's Steeped Tea. Pa-lease. This is excellent tea. And I didn't have the best tea at one cute cafe in a country town, nor at Harrod's in London, no, I had the best cuppa EVERYWHERE. I guess everyone in the UK knows how to make a proper cup of tea.

So upon my return to my cold and snowy home in Alberta, I was on a mission to perfect the cuppa. Drinking tea will be very important in Vavenby since sitting on the back porch to listen to the birds will be a regular part of my morning routine. And so after a few attempts, I did it, I perfected the cuppa. 

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